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At nexineer we focus on three main levers to create impact for our customers. First, we define for our customers the individual digital strategy, organization, basis technology and required methodologies, which are necessary for a successful digital competition. Second, we focus on digital solutions, which increases internal efficiency of business processes, from administration to production. These mainly happen through reshaping the process itself and applying digital technologies, e.g. AI, IoT and tailor made software.

We provide industry proven solutions and do not reinvent the wheel. The difference in our solutions lies in the individualization, openness and ownership. You are and will always stay owner of your solutions with full control and independency. Third, we focus on “growth” topics. We identify for your company new digital services and business opportunities. These can range from digital sales channels to digitally enhanced products. Ultimate goal is to unlock the full potential for digitalization in corporations.

Customer Centrictiy

We put our customers in the center of our efforts. Always.


We are ambitious and think positive. We are better together

Pragmatism & Speed

We strive for quick results. We fail early if necessary and learn from it.


WE ARE nexineer

Dr. Alireza Tavakoli

CEO and Digitalization Pioneer

Dr. Hans Bauer

Data Science

Pablo Duart

Project Management

Gabriel Novak

Project Management

Thorsten Zellmer

Software Development

Manuel Ahlert

Process Automation & CAD